How to Choose a Career to Happily Retire From

1. Keep your options open:

The current business climate and the application of technology has given the job market a radical face lift. Redundancies are becoming common, the pink slip is no longer intimidating; and job lines are becoming longer.

On the other side of the coin, it also spurred the creation of career opportunities not available when I got out of college. Now, work can be done at home, In fact, some companies encourage certain types of office jobs be done at home. Work, as it is defined, is now either offline or online.

More and more people are getting into home-based business with nothing but a computer and an Internet connection and lots and lots of imagination, initiative and drive.

These developments give you a wide choice to build your career on. Keep an open mind and look around. Don’t get married to your job. Divorces are always nasty and costly.

Besides, loyalty is a thing of the past, even in corporate Japan. But if you have to move out, do it with caution and for purely career development reasons. Don’t wait until you get tired of your job or are retired due to re-engineering or outsourcing.

2. Experiment:

In most cases, job burnout is not due to work overload but to boredom.

To avoid this, put variety in your work life. Volunteer for cross-training or cross posting in lateral positions within the organization. Get yourself involved in projects or product launchings. These will not only keep you away from being stressed out but will add to your knowledge portfolio.

Should these be impossible within the organization look outside for opportunities that best match your character traits, your knowledge and skills.

Reach down into our core values and dust off your signature talent – that talent you were born with, and see if there are opportunities that can make use of it. Take an inventory of the things you are passionate about and see if you can build a career from them

Go back to your childhood and recall the hobbies you liked to do. Polish them up and market them. Hobbyists will never become extinct.

Keep moving and keep experimenting. After all, career satisfaction is often defined asĀ “the level of overall happiness experienced through one’s choice of occupation.”

It does not say that you have to be a doctor, an engineer or a business man to find career satisfaction.

3. Keep career satisfaction, not compensation, in mind

Though every move you make, every experiment you do with your career must carry with it an upward movement of your income, let not compensation define your idea of career satisfaction.

Studies show that after reaching a certain income level, pay ceases to be a factor in career satisfaction. People who reach that income threshold, $75,000.00 in the U.S., will soon start looking for something to give meaning to their careers.

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